The only true Virtual Viewing

How do you do a Virtual Viewing for a property that is not built? Easy, with TriadicDash. Our software is tailored for the salesperson and the prospective purchaser alike, lets see how it works.

First and Foremost.

TriadicDash is the Virtual Viewing platform.

Months before a development is completed, even before a showhome is constructed, TriadicDash is able to show every home in your development.

Introduce your clients to your development at the earliest opportunity, showing them the difference in views between the 4th and 14th floors, invigorate the homely feelings by showing them exactly what the sunrise is like on their birthday, and allow them to pick out their ideal kitchen choice with complete confidence.

Not only can your clients view these un-built properties in our photo-real viewing software, they can do so without ever stepping foot in your marketing suite, at any time of day, in any location in the world, on any device.

Salesperson dashboard.

Central to TriadicDash is our custom built dashboard, bespoke for your salespeople to manage and distribute viewings.

From here, you are able to input your client list, save a contact list, and send out virtual viewings. When you send out a virtual viewing, you have the option to send it multiple forms.

All virtual viewing links will land in your clients email mailbox, where they are taken to an encrypted web page. This encrypted page will welcome them to the development under construction, then allow them to proceed to the viewing.

With each virtual viewing, your salesperson has the option to schedule the viewing with a zoom call. This means that your salesperson can take the client on the viewing themselves, and really sell the property to the client.

Everything the client ever sees can be tailored and branded to your corporate branding.

Automated process.

Once the viewing has been completed, the laborious task of following up with brochures and documentation is handled by TriadicDash.

When the client exits the application, they will be emailed an encrypted summary of their viewing, the properties viewed, and the fit out choices they made.

This summary is also sent to your salesperson to let them know that the client has finished their viewing. Your salesperson can then contact the client again to discuss their choices and the next steps in completing the purchase.


In addition to the core advantage of viewing off-plan properties in the most complete viewing process, is the data driven approach made available to your salespeople.

We specialise in running micro and macro analytics on the viewing data, to give you the insights to convert a sale. These insights range from an individual’s viewing behaviour, to identifying the most popular property in any given week.

  • Kitchen 36% 36%
  • Living Room 24% 24%
  • Master Bedroom 18% 18%
  • Balcony 16% 16%
  • Master Bath 6% 6%

Proportion of time spent in each room per average viewing

Average Viewing Length

Total Viewings

Average Properties Viewed


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