The most immersive viewing experience

Our Virtual Reality software is the perfect way to sell off plan property. Create confidence like no other for your prospective purchasers. From the moment the client enters your marketing suite, show them your offering of off plan property in the most fully immersive way possible, with TriadicVR.

Complete Consumer Confidence.

You will be able to instill an unrivalled level of confidence into the off plan property purchase process. Using TriadicVR, you are able to show the property off in the best possible light, while simulating all the events which may affect a clients decision to purchase or not. 

Do you have a concerned client, who is unsure of the kitchen palette option. We with TriadicVR, you can show them all the options, they can approach and interact with the kitchen, see what appliances they can expect, and have complete confidence in their choice.

Similarly, a show home is usually only shown during the daytime. TriadicVR can show off your property, at time of day, to give the client the homely feeling they crave when settling down to watch a movie on a Friday night.

Full Immersion.

There is simply no comparison to the level of immersion obtained through our Virtual Reality technology. By using state of the art VR headsets coupled with leading graphics, we are able to build fully interactive, photo-real environments, in full VR for the first time. 

Clients can experience the real size of their future homes with TriadicVR. Every home is modelled in a 1:1 scale, show the true size before the home is constructed. Images can only show an impression of a room, TriadicVR will allow you to feel and experience the room.

Ease of Use.

A common misconception with VR is the diffuculty of controls, and speed of familiarity for a user. TriadicVR solves that problem. 

For the client wearing the headset, they simply need to use two buttons. So easy, that your 70 year old Uncle can manage it. 

If you do have a client that struggles, no issue! TriadicVR offer a first of its kind, where the salesperson who is not wearing the headset is able to make choices and changes for the client. The client, can then see and experince the changes. 


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