Immersive Property Technology

Using our specialised Virtual Reality viewing platform, clients and customers are able to view unconstructed real estate in real-time

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Get Real with Virtual Viewings.

Triadic’s software is here to serve all your virtual viewing needs. You will be able to show off all your off-plan developments like never before, from all angles, with TriadicDash.

Imagine: while your development is a hole in the ground, you can show off all your un-built stock. Then customise it: you can show the lighting at anytime of day, allow the client to choose from set colour palettes, and show the property both furnished and un-furnished. And if that unit isn’t quite right, you can jump straight into another. Choice is key for sellers and buyers.

We have built all the factors that facilitate decision making into our innovative software, now you can unlock your sales using TriadicDash.

Our Technology.


TriadicDash is our bespoke virtual viewing platform. It allows clients to view off-plan property in real-time, and allows your salespeople to manage and follow-up on those viewings with minimum admin and maximum conversions.


Put your properties in the hands of your clients with our interactive apartment viewer. Integrated perfectly on your website, engage your clients in your development from the first click, navgiate the building, find available units, and become familiar with 3D floorplans.


Our most immersive property viewing tool. In your marketing suite, your clients can ‘walk through’ and see all your off-plan stock at the touch of a button, in fully immersive, 1:1 scale, unlike any other VR with live customisation for a truly ‘real’ virtual viewing.

Flythrough & CGI.

Along with our software offering, we also offer a more standard set of photoreal renderings for your online and print media, but at a superlative quality. Moreover, we offer bespoke flythrough videos so clients understand what they’re looking at.

Start Connecting With Your Clients.

TriadicDash is the only, true, online virtual viewing platform.

Show your clients all your unbuilt stock before construction is complete. Sell with confidence by using TriadicDash, with decision making factors such as views, lighting, furniture and dimensions built into our platform.

TriadicDash will allow you to track the number of viewings, which salespeople are completing viewings, when a client views, and for how long.

We have created TriadicDash for your salespeople to manage their client list and easily send online viewings to selected clients.

TriadicDash also automatically feeds back a viewing summary to the salesperson and the client. Automate the process by adding a zoom call to schedule a viewing or send a guided viewing for your client’s convenience.

Interactive Marketing Tool.

Triadic Selector is exactly what a client comes to expect when shopping around for a new apartment. In a similar way to a physical building model in a marketing suite, we can now show the entire development in an easy to use tool.

Spin around the building, select the floor or apartment you want to view, check the availability, then gain insight into the unit with our unique 3D floorplans. You can even look at the view from the window of each unit.

Your clients can see the available unit, then very easy hit the enquire button to be passed onto your team.


The Most Immersive Viewing Experience.

Your tech savvy clientele will love our full VR offering, showing their new home in full 1:1 scale to really feel the space.

Gone are the days where a client needs to travel 30 miles to see a show home of the variety they are interested in. Use TriadicVR to show every home available from the comfort of the marketing suite.

TriadicVR is perfect for salespeople. The previously tedious controls are no more, your salesperson can take control while the client is in the VR experience.

TriadicVR encompasses all the features of TriadicDash, with the added realism of full Virtual Reality. 


All your Online and Print Media.

In addition to our state of the art software, we can provide photoreal rendered images and videos for you to use on websites or printed brochures.

When a client views a specific home on your website, why not accompany the page with a detailed flythrough video.

We can easily provide videos for every floorplan or facility in your development, giving you the tools to wow prospective purchasers, and giving them the impetus to schedule a virtual viewing of a home that does not yet exist.

"Our TriadicDash software allows us to create a stunning sales experience - taking out all of the guess work when purchasing a property off-plan"

James Spooner – Managing Director

Let the consumers speak for themselves.

When asked, ‘Rate out of 10 you confidence to make an off-plan property purchase, comparing the current state of the art vs TriadicDash’


More likely to reserve or purchase after viewing with Triadic Labs


We are here to fulfil your virtual viewing needs through our suite of software, whether you are a large scale housebuilder, apartment developer, or architect, we can help.

House Builders

Involve your clients in every stage of the build for their dream home. By using a combination of TriadicDash and TriadicVR, every client will have complete control over the fit out options, have confidence in their choices, and make the purchase of their dream home. This gives the client an unrivalled level of buyer confidence and the developer a supreme advantage to upsell home add-ons.

Apartment Developers

Show off your apartments in all their glory, all before you break ground. Show off the views from your residential development with true views in TriadicDash. Now you can exhibit the different views from the 4th or the 14th floor, months before completion. Attract clients to experience the view they can expect, and use Triadic software to convert that interest into an early sale from anywhere in the world.


TriadicDash and TriadicVR are ideal for all stages in the architectual process. Are you trying to win a large project which you are bidding for? Use TriadicDash to show off your ideas and win business. Want to show a client exactly how a project will look or even several ideas? TriadicVR will enable them to visualise the dream and reduce the risk of any expensive modifications late in the project build.


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